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We don’t charge a fixed price, and don’t normally send invoices for our work (although we will happily send you a receipt for your payment). Our basic principle is that you make your own price.
By turning on its head the capitalist assumption that everything has a price, we’re hoping to help build a new economical paradigm in which you can take what you need and give what you can. Rather than entering into provider / consumer relationships, we invite you to explore economic relationships which contribute towards the culture of sharing we so badly need to meet the challenges of the 21st century. However, we understand that knowing how much to budget for your website may be difficult. While we are happy to advise, we are also providing some guidelines below.



Hosting (per year)

Simple three-page site

50 to 400

50 to 120

Multilingual five-page site

200 to 10000

60 to 150

E-commerce / E-learning site

600 to 3000

100 to 300


  • Think of the design fee as the set-up fee for your site (it’s like the cost of building a house). You pay it only once. The hosting fee is an annual fee (think of it as a compound of your utility bills), you pay it every year.

  • Design fees are flexible and negotiable depending on the complexity and size of your project. The lower end of the range reflects the work associated with building a simple website from a template, while the upper end of the range reflects the work associated with building a more complex bespoke website with full Search Engine Optimisation and training in managing and updating the site.
    If you are a charity or a NGO, we may agree to waive this fee entirely.
    We do not design logos, but if you require a logo, we can recommend
    some logo designers we have worked with before (you will of course have to negotiate a separate pricing with them).

  • Hosting prices include a domain name (which we will regiter for you), regular backups to a remote location and technical assistance by email if required. The lower end of the hosting price range isn’t negotiable as it reflects the actual costs involved (we have to pay for the domain name and the hosting!). If you pay the upper end of the range, this also contribute towards the cost of various licences (for backup and security software for example), as well as any ongoing technical assistance and training you may require.

  • Hosting price also include a minimum of one email address (typically ). This email address can be configured either to forward all incoming mail to a free Gmail or address, or to deliver your mail to an email client like Thunderbird, Mailspring or Outlook on your computer.
    If you require more than one emails account with your domain, just ask!

  • A non-refundable deposit is required before we start work on any project. While you can decide how much of a deposit you want to send, it should be proportionate to the overall price you intend to pay for the project.

  • We aim to be completely transparent in our pricing, so please feel free to ask any questions.


Money is a good servant but a very bad master