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A free website?

Free website

Can you really get a free website from us?

Well, unless you are not in a hurry, and can convince us, not only to do design work for free, but also to contribute a domain name and free hosting, no, you won’t get a free website here. But if you are looking for value web design and hosting, read on.

If we really like what you’re doing (for example if you’re a charity or a NGO with a great cause, or a promising start up with a great idea but no money), we may decide to waive our design fee altogether, or agree to be paid if / when you are making money from the site. But providing you with a completely free website would actually cost us money. Because no matter what you are paying us, we have to pay for the domain name you will be using, as well as for hosting your site on our servers and for the software licences we need to built it, protect if from hackers, back it up, such thing as free hosting
So, realistically, in almost all cases, we will ask you to at least cover these costs before we start working on your website project.

While many companies will offer a free website, what they are really offering is free but limited server space and the site builder software. You will still have to design the site yourself. You won’t get your own domain name unless you pay for it. To make it worth it for them, they will plaster your site with their own ads. If or when you decide you want something a little more professional looking, they will charge you handsomely for it i. And if you want to move your site to another provider, you may find that they didn’t make it easy for you to do so.

Our pricing system is different from most because you will make the final decision on how much you are paying for your site design (and within limits, hosting). While we normally agree on a budget before we start work, this budget is not set in stone. If you are not happy that you are getting value for your money, you can pay us less for the design, we won’t argue. And if you feel that you are getting a great deal and have a bit of cash to spare, or if the website we designed for you is bringing far more new business that you ever thought it would, well, maybe you’ll pay us more, we won’t argue either.

Ultimately, we trust that you will pay us what you think is fair. To foster this trust, we will remain completely transparent about our costs and the time we spend working on your project. The rest is up to you.

See our Pricing page for more details

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