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Website design and hosting
that doesn’t cost the Earth

Wild Atlantic Web is a small team committed to ethical web design and green hosting. We are dedicated to producing high quality, responsive  affordable websites for everyone. We use WordPress to create blogs, e-commerce sites, learning management system sites and multilingual sites.  We are based in Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland, but are happy to work with you where ever you are.
If you are a small business or individual and need a web designer at an affordable price, look no further.
Get in touch, and find out how we can  help you with your project.

Fair pricing

We offer a flexible price scale for our design and hosting services. Everyone pays according to their means and requirements.

Ethical design

You have full control over the design and hosting of your website or blog, we’re only here to help.

Green hosting

We’re making sure our corner of the Internet is as eco-friendly as can be. Our web server is powered by renewable energy.

web design and hosting at a fair price

Fair pricing

We don’t charge a fixed price for our design work, relying instead on your fairness and generosity to keep us in business. The principle is that you pay the price you are happy to pay.

Ethical web design

Ethical Web Design

  1. Once we have built your website or blog, we will give you an administrator login to it.
    This means that you have full control over your website or blog. You can update it and edit as you see fit, and even move it to another hosting company if you want (although we hope you will stay with us). Note however that if you require FTP and control panel access to your web hosting, this will have to be agreed before the start of the project. Most people never need this, so because of the extra costs involved, we don’t normally include it.
    If required, we can train you to use WordPress, and we are always happy to provide technical assistance via email.
  2. We register the domain name in your name (we’re only the administrative and technical contacts), so again, should you want to move your site to another provider, you can do so at any time.
  3. We include basic Search Engine Optimisation. Your site (site description, page titles and page description) will be optimised for the keywords you have chosen. If you are operating in a very competitive environment and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a major concern, let us know before the start of the project that you require more advanced SEO.
  4. As part of the hosting, we will take care of the regular maintenance and backups of your site at not extra cost. Since you have an administrator login to the site, you can of course to do it yourself if you prefer.

Green hosting

Hosting websites uses more and more energy as our world is increasingly connected. Stocking the enormous amount of data that we now produce has a high environmental cost. Data centres can host several thousands of computers, which, as they are in constant use, generate a lot of heat and therefore need cooling which requires even more power ! The internet has become a filthy, carbon-emitting monster.

Even though this means that we might pay a little more for our hosting, we’re committed to making sure our corner of the Internet is as green as can be. Our web server is powered entirely by renewable energy provided by E.ON, a leading renewable generator with over 20 on-shore and off-shore wind farms.

Our environmental policies aim to reduce waste, recycle as much as possible, and travel only when necessary, using only surface transport.
We are also continually planting more trees to offset our carbon dioxide emissions. We support a number of environmental NGOs such as Friends of the Earth and

Green (eco friendl) website hosting

“Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it…”


“Give without remembering, take without forgetting”

Let’s work together on your next web project